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“A well devised and riveting reflection of homelessness exposed in a manner more unveiling.  This documentary portrays the ground-level reality of human challenges and instinctive visuals with insights to survival, while depicting the fundamentals and true process of what it is like to live below, among the lower depths of poverty.  It brings to light and references the status of life stagnation, suffering and the requirement of urgently needed assistance from individuals capable to justifiably help the homeless population.” 

~ Rob Francis


Did you know that it’s a crime to be homeleless? There are over 180 cities in America that have made it a crime to be homeless. NO ADDRESS, depicts the criminalization of homelessness how communities across the country can implemet proven practical solutions to this growing epidemic.

By cross pollinating programs that work versus programs that don’t across the United States, we can begin to tak a more effective approach to dealing with human beings without homes. It will also explain what it really means to have NO ADDRESS.

“We feel that documentaries are news. They are history in the making. We are writing our own history” ~ Michael Dean


Meet John Holmes

A former homeless man of about 10 years on and off by choice mostly by his drug addiction to crack,  he slept in a tent in the woods for several years, but was always employed. He served 10 years in the US Navy and is now retired. He receives Social Security and is no longer on the streets!

Meet Jessica Edmunds

Jessica was homeless since she was 18 years old. In NO ADDRESS you will witness her journey of receiving and losing her home, to the death of her finance´  to being denied stable work and gov’t assistance due to her seizures.

Meet Telisha Coleman

After being a full-time care taker and then having her car stolen, she ended up on the streets of SC. A realm of resources that she didn’t know existed, awaited around the corner. After a few friendly strangers, a wellness program and volunteering lead her to Caletta Harris. It was then, her major comeback story started developing.

Meet Mary

Mary has been on the streets of South Carolina for over a decade. She is still on the streets but wants to change her situation. She feel helpless because she is older and doesn’t have the knowlege of today’s workforce to compete. She has all types of skill sets from carpentary to domestic duties.

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