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In NO ADDRESS, you will meet the individuals that fought to rescind the 2013 unanimous City Council vote to criminalize the homeless population in Columbia, SC. Criminalization of homelessness means go to a shelter, get out of town or be at-risk of going to jail if caught on the streets.  Moreover, ordinances such as panhandling and urban camping will also get them a ticket to the jail house. We sought to cover other cities like Atlanta, GA, Raleigh, NC, San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles to name a few.

In NO ADDRESS, you will get to know some humans from the homeless community who survive day to day by banishment, abandonment, harassment, ridicule and institutionalism all while keeping their sanity to live another day. In this new era of American society, stereotypes of homelessness no longer exist. Through all the destitution, there’s hope and we will show you how several cities that are utilizing practical solutions to combat this growing epidemic. Our SOLUTION is to obtain land and to build a community for the homeless population to include permanent container homes and organic farming so they will have a sustainable income through agriculture and ultimately become entrepreneurs.  This will be the catalyst for what WE can do in other communities across the world.

Release Date: April 2021


Release Date: January 2020

Release Date: September 2020

Release Date: April 2021


Caletta Harris is the founder of Reel2Real Productions which has two locations based in Columbia, SC and Atlanta, GA, and specialized in film. Harris directs, produces, and edits TV commercials, sizzle reels, documentaries, live events, and feature films. Caletta is a humanitarian that believes human life precedes any political agenda and hopes to bring that to life through her documentaries. Stay tuned for the release date in 2020

2nd Camera

Benjamin Bowman is an independent Filmmaker. He interned with Reel2Real Productions where he served as production assistant and B-cinematographer on numerous projects including, short films, commercials, web-series, etc.  Offering a wide-range of experience in Video Production, Benjamin’s current projects include serving as co-writer and producer of web-series, “Orion’s Stars”, with SUNDOWN productions.


Heather Hutton is the founder of Touch and Go Productions. She is a  producer, director, writer, editor, and sculptor from Atlanta, GA with a BS in Aerospace, a Minor in Physics, and an MFA in Film and Television from Savannah College of Art & Design. She has produced and directed SAG-AFTRA feature and short films with an inspiring track record in the festival circuit. Recently her proof of concept, Touch & Go, received the Global Shorts Award of Excellence in Editing.


Lamar Stemage founded BUDS Mentoring, Inc. (“Bringing Up Devoted Sons & Bringing Up Divine Sisters”) in 2009. Their mission is committed to positively transforming the lives of youth and adults. BUDS Mentoring is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and is the fiscal sponsor for No Address Documentary Series. He is also the photography on various projects for Reel2Real Productions. 

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